Best Of The Blog

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Here’s a page of all the things I really enjoy and wish to keep in one place. These are all my picks for the best of my blog, so it will give you a good idea of what I like. Many of these things are just things I’ve found really helpful, or just funny, or that I am strangely proud of. Yes I do go back and read my own work at times. Enjoy and be sure to check back regularly for updates. I am available for hire, if anyone is looking for a writer. Check out the Contact page and email me, if interested. I am very flexible, so don’t be shy. I’ll write about pretty much anything as well.

  1. First Post…
  2. Zip Tie Willy (A Whimsical Short Story)
  3. CouchCrash Cleveland 2018 Talent Show Winner(Video From My Youtube Channel)
  4. Lazy: A Manifesto(15 Minute Podcast)
  5. The Concept Of The Turd Sandwhich
  6. Replacing Things With Skills
  7. If It Ain’t Broke…
  8. A Trick For Remembering New Faces
  9. General NonSense: You Idiot!(Yet Another Whimsical Story)
  10. Anti-Depressant: Purpose
  11. Anti-Depressant: Sunlight
  12. Anti-Depressant: Comedy
  13. Anti-Depressant: Light
  14. It May Be Stupid…
  15. Too Many Legs(Something I Struggle With)
  16. Feeling Old at 25…
  17. Prescription Drugs
  18. Happiness Through Free Time
  19. Importance Of “I Don’t Know”
  20. Happiness Through Lowered Standards
  21. How To Get Out Of Washing Dishes(A Lesson In Automation)
  22. Effective Time Wasting(Yes, Seriously)
  23. Who We Are
  24. Gift-Free Giving
  25. On Kindness and Survival
  26. Short Story: Beowulf Goes To Work
  27. Sample News Article: Man Releases Chickens In Downtown Cleveland
  28. How To Devalue An Entire Neighborhood
  29. My Search For Land
  30. Low Cost: Ice Cream
  31. How I Pick Up Girls
  32. Writing Sample: Old To New
  33. Review: My New Belt